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Wake Up Calls With Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, and More!

The smartest most reliable online wake up call reminder service! Works works with any phone. Create an account and you'll hear from the rooster tomorrow! No software to download or install.

Our wake up call will:

Wake up with rooster.amCall you at your scheduled time will wish you a good dayWish you a good day
Wake you up on time.Wake you up on time.
Alert you of rain, sun, hail, or snow.Alert you of rain, sun, hail, or snow.
Read the top headlines from the New York TimesRead the top headlines from the New York Times
Recite the top technology storiesRecite the top technology stories
Tell you about Twitter trending topicsTell you about Twitter trending topics
Recite important events from Google calendarRecite important events from Google calendar
Remind you of upcoming Facebook eventsRemind you of upcoming Facebook events

It's like having your own virtual assistant!

  • Stop being late for work or school
  • Remember to pack an umbrella before it rains
  • Remember important meetings
  • Stop oversleeping
  • Remember to go to appointmens and class
  • Keep up with current events
  • Stay up to date with the latest news

Try it out!

calling is a HackNY project from the mind of Ian Jennings